Aging, Cancer

“Cancer Defense Diet”

EWG has just released their “Cancer Defense Diet“. Keep in mind that diets designed to help reduce the risk of cancer also help reduce the effects of aging, too! Check out their recommendations!

Aging, General Health, Gluten

Which “Face” are You?

I can’t speak to the authenticity of these particular face profiles, however, eating foods that are inflammatory do cause increased aging and water retention. Avoiding your food intolerances and/or common food intolerances (egg, dairy, sugar, corn, gluten, soy, potato) may help improve not only your appearance, but your overall health!


Soda Shortens Lifespans

I think that I’ve posted this recently, but it certainly bears repeating: drinking soda can shorten your life as much as cigarettes. There is nothing good about the junk ( . . . I mean “ingredients” . . . ) they put sodas. Try a lovely iced tea or hot […]