Halotherapy has been in use for hundreds of years. Ancient Greeks used it for its expectorant properties. Monks used salt caves as part of their treatment for the sick in medieval days. In 1843, a Polish doctor published a book on his observations of the benefits of the salt caves on miners. Then during WWII, another physician noted improvements in respiratory health of those seeking shelter in the salt mines in Germany. Recent research has confirmed health benefits for conditions including childhood and adult asthma, acute respiratory diseases, chronic obstructive lung diseases, psoriasis, and atopic dermatitis. Allergy sufferers find tremendous relief, too. Halotherapy also promotes relaxation and stress reduction!

Our dry salt treatment chamber uses only pharmaceutical-grade sodium chloride (salt) through the halogenator—a machine that further grinds the salt into microfine particles that are dispersed into the chamber. You get to sit and relax, breathing in the therapeutic salt and letting it treat your skin.

Call for your appointment and experience this amazing “ancient” therapy!

Why is it so effective?

Dry salt particles are breathed in and absorbed deep into every part of the respiratory tract, reducing edema and bacteria in the nose, throat, and lungs with its antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties. Inhaling pure pharmaceutical-grade sodium chloride reduces swollen or irritated nasal tissues and opens airway passages. It thins mucus secretions allowing them to drain properly, removing trapped pockets of debris and bacteria, which in turn releases contaminants in the respiratory tract allowing the body to get rid of them. This opens and widens air passageways, calms spasms, and reduces coughing. Salt not inhaled falls onto and absorbs into the skin, supporting normalization of its pH and increasing the cellular regenerative process.

After a series of treatments, the following benefits have been reported:

   • Enhanced lung capacity
   • Relief from inflamed or irritated tissues in the respiratory tract
   • Reduced cough
   • Reduced sinus and lung congestion
   • Decreased itching
   • Reduction of scaly skin
   • Healing of skin fissures and scratches
   • Decreased stress levels
   • Improved immune system function
   • Improved sleep
   • Increased sense of well-being, general health, and quality of life