Dr. Lori Brown

Dr. Lori Brown provides naturopathic medical care for the entire family and specializes in pediatrics (over age 2 years), chronic disease (including rare immune system dysfunctions, gastrointestinal system dysfunctions, and infectious diseases), thyroid disorders, adrenal dysfunction, allergies, and environmental toxicity/detoxification. Treatments are individualized per patient needs and may include homeopathy, botanical medicine, clinical nutrition, osseous and soft tissue manipulation techniques, detoxification, hydrotherapy, and physiotherapy.

She completed additional education to become a Bowen practitioner and is also trained in the Frequency Specific Microcurrent technique. In addition, she has been successful in assessing patients’ food and environmental immunoreactivities (“allergies”) using simple lab techniques.

Prior to obtaining her naturopathic medical degree from National College of Naturopathic Medicine, Portland, OR, Dr. Brown received her Master’s degree in Organic Chemistry and worked for 15 years in both laboratory and field research. The combination of naturopathic principles and practices with her strong problem-solving abilities, scientific education and background, and prayerful approach provides an effective resource in assisting her patients.