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In 2002, Dr. Lori Brown established Natural Family Medicine of Cascade Park, PC located in Vancouver, Washington, serving the greater Portland and Clark County/Southwest Washington area. Her goal has been to offer healthy treatment options for the entire family. She provides Naturopathic services and medical care from physical examinations (including sports physicals) and nutritional counseling to the treatment of acute illness, chronic diseases and pain management. Please call 360-882-1339 today — for Your Health.

At Natural Family Medicine, we seek to provide outstanding whole person health care emphasizing preventative medicine, an appreciation for the quality of life, and the natural recuperative ability of the human body. Check out the latest Health News >






Allergies, intolerances, and sensitivities are more common than many of us suspect. Allergies are consistent reactions to foods or environmental triggers due to an immune system response. Food intolerances result from the absence of a specific enzyme required for processing a certain food in the body (e.g., lactase deficiency in cases of lactose intolerance).

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Our bodies are constantly bombarded by environmental toxins. Some individual also have had acute toxin exposures. Sources of toxicity may include mercury fillings, pesticides, herbicides, contaminated water, plastics, exhaust fumes, anti-perspirants, and many more.

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Pain Management

In addition to the use of botanical, nutritional and homeopathic techniques, additional treatments are offered to facilitate healing and pain management: The Bowen Technique, Frequency Specific Microcurrent©, and Therapeutic Ultrasound

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Our Objective:

To provide outstanding whole person health care emphasizing preventative medicine, an appreciation for the quality of life, and the natural healing ability of the human body.

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