Food Sensitivities

“Allergies” by definition are an IgE response. [“Ig” stands for “immunoglobulin” which is the medical term for “antibody”. We make antibodies against “invaders”–whether appropriate (like against an infection) or unnecessary (in the case of allergies).]

If someone is reactive to pollens, they are experiencing an “IgE” response. Peanut allergies are also an IgE response. IgE responses are typically immediate and can cause anaphylaxis. BUT MOST FOODS DO NOT elicit an IgE response and, hence, many people have been told that they can not have food allergies. HOWEVER, immune responses DO occur against foods–they are typically either an IgG or IgA response.

Don’t get too concerned about E, G, and A–the point is just that allergists do not check for IgG or IgA responses. IgG and IgA responses are typically “delayed” which makes identification of food intolerances difficult for people. Lucky for us, WONDERFUL AND SIMPLE TESTING is available to check for “immuno-reactive” foods. Consumption of these foods can cause symptoms from eczema to joint pain, diarrhea and constipation to brain fog, abdominal pain to fatigue. You get the picture.

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