Treatment Modalities

Clinical Nutrition

The use of whole foods and, when needed, supplementation allow the body to regain a healthful balance. Food is the best medicine.

Botanical Medicine

Botanical medicines are powerful and able to address a variety of problems simultaneously.

Homeopathic Medicine

Based upon the principle of “like cures like”, homeopathic medicine works gently to strengthen the body’s healing and immune response and provide lasting cure.

Physical Medicine

Offering a wide variety of therapeutic manipulation of muscles, bones, and spine, we provide osseous and soft tissue manipulation, Frequency Specific Microcurrent©, therapeutic ultrasound, exercise therapeutics, and heat, cold and water treatments.

Prescriptive Medication

ND’s are able to prescribe most pharmaceutical medicines. This prescriptive authority also allows us to help minimize pharmaceutical needs by utilizing natural approaches to your health.

Psychological Medicine

Emotional and mental states influence the physical state. Counseling and stress management are utilized when indicated to assist the healing process.