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Which “Face” are You?

I can’t speak to the authenticity of these particular face profiles, however, eating foods that are inflammatory do cause increased aging and water retention. Avoiding your food intolerances and/or common food intolerances (egg, dairy, sugar, corn, gluten, soy, potato) may help improve not only your appearance, but your overall health!


Gluten-Free Festival in Portland

For those of you on gluten-free diets, please consider attending this gluten-free festival! Looks like there will be some great resources to help you on your diet and health goals. One word of caution, however: often these seminars are chocked full of ways to include gluten-free baked goods in your […]

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Yummy Brunch Recipe

I was reviewing some of the recipes that I’ve posted and was surprised I hadn’t included this one yet. It would be a great one to serve tomorrow morning and offset some of the sweets the Easter bunny may be providing! Please also check out Stephanie O’Dea’s cookbook, “Make It […]

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Gluten and Depression . . .

I have seen this time and again–depression can lift by simply avoiding gluten. There are likely multiple reasons: blood sugar reactions, compromise of the blood-brain barrier, inflammation, neurotransmitter interferences, and more. We’re not talking Celiac disease, we are talking about the adverse impacts that gluten/wheat has on our brains! Read […]

Brain and Nervous System Health, Gluten

Dementia and Gluten

I recently attended a seminar on Brain Chemistry–wonderful information for helping my patients. A key for many, if not all, is the link between gluten and brain inflammation. This Medscape interview with Dr. Perlmutter may help you decide to go gluten-free! For your health!!

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Avoid Knee Surgery

There actually are steps you can make to avoid joint surgeries, including knees. Keys are exercise and a healthy diet. Exercise promotes lubrication of joints and overallĀ  mobility. Healthy diet not only provides needed nutrition but is a means to a healthy weight, too. Also, avoiding pro-inflammatory foods is vital–certainly […]