Melatonin and Bone Strength?

This is exciting research revealing that melatonin may help improve bone health in the elderly. Keep in mind that studies have been completed on rats only AND that there can be hormonal side effects to using melatonin (such as suppressing adrenal function). Check with your naturopathic physician before supplementing melatonin.

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Eat Those Fruits and Veggies!

This BBC report reveals that the current guideline of 5 fruits and vegetables daily is too low and they now recommend 7 servings. My recommendation to patients is to include NINE servings of vegetables and fruits daily!! Serving size for raw = 1 cup and for cooked = 1/2 cup, […]

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A Happy Life . . .

Did you know that research is revealing that practicing self-acceptance actually works towards building a happier life?? And a happier life can be connected to a healthier perspective and life. Prayer and meditation are 2 means of working towards this goal. Please read more here. Wishing you happiness and health!!

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Higher Blood Pressure In Elderly

New blood pressure guidelines are being proposed for people over the age of 60. The new guidelines recommend to avoid treating blood pressure until it reaches 150/90 in those over 60 years old. Please check with your doctor if you’re on blood pressure medication and are experiencing dizziness or fainting.

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Avoid Knee Surgery

There actually are steps you can make to avoid joint surgeries, including knees. Keys are exercise and a healthy diet. Exercise promotes lubrication of joints and overall  mobility. Healthy diet not only provides needed nutrition but is a means to a healthy weight, too. Also, avoiding pro-inflammatory foods is vital–certainly […]

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Exercise to Stay Young

We’ve seen these reports before, but they always bear repeating:  Keep moving to stay young. By the way, this means brain exercises, too, such as puzzles, new hobbies, etc. Here’s another article, too!  🙂