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Natural Cleaners??

Even so-called “natural cleaners” may contain dangerous chemicals. A big part of the problem is that companies are not required to label cleaning products ingredients. And sources of dangerous chemicals can be  hidden in different terms such as “fragrance”.  Your best bet? Make your own! There are many simple and effective options. […]

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Paleo May Be Even Better Than Mediterranean

The article summarizes findings comparing the popular Mediterranean diet to the increasingly popular Paleo (or pre-agrarian) diet. The findings suggest improved weight loss and especially improved reduction of waistlines. And those in the study ate until they were full. Schedule an appointment to see if the diet is right for you, […]

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Endocrine Disruptors–Hidden in Our Daily Lives

I sure wish it were different, but so many so-called “safe” products are actually potent endocrine disruptors. What that means is that these products adversely effect our thyroid and sex hormones. They can cause such problems as hypothyroid symptoms, weight gain, and infertility, among many others. PLEASE read the attached […]

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Testosterone for Men–Often Not the Best Approach . . .

This is an interesting article debating the use of testosterone in men. It is become more frequently prescribed for men suffering from fatigue, depression, and low libido. Often however it will aggravate the problem. In my practice, most men with low testosterone are actually over-converting their testosterone to estrogen. As […]