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PFA’s — Known Toxicity “For Years”

EWG has just released a list of documents that confirm knowledge about the risks of PFA’s to health–this link will connect you with a long list of reports. PFA’s have been associated with cancer, endocrine disruption, immune system dysfunction, and liver compromise. Items that contain PFA’s include non-stick cookware, water-resistant […]

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Chemical Exposure Staggering

Chemical exposure in the United States is increasing our health care costs AND reducing our IQ’s. This article further discusses PBDE’s (polybrominated diphenyl ethers–flame retardants). PBDE’s are in just about everything and are known endocrine-disruptors. One mechanism is that the bromide molecule blocks iodine from our receptors. This in turn […]

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Endocrine Disruptors–Hidden in Our Daily Lives

I sure wish it were different, but so many so-called “safe” products are actually potent endocrine disruptors. What that means is that these products adversely effect our thyroid and sex hormones. They can cause such problems as hypothyroid symptoms, weight gain, and infertility, among many others. PLEASE read the attached […]

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Gluten–Please stop eating it . . .

If you haven’t noticed by now, I am a firm believer that we must eliminate gluten from our diets in order to sustain and/or return to a healthy state.  Many ask “why” and the answer is long.  The bottom line is that wheat has become so altered (many call it […]

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Hair Loss–Naturopathic Approaches

Hair loss can be quite distressing for patients.  Causes of hair loss typically include hormone imbalances–from sex hormones (testosterone, DHT, thyroid), nutrient imbalances, stress, or infection.  While treatments such as Rogaine can help with testosterone/DHT imbalances, they do not address other causes AND, even if effective, hair loss will return […]