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A Colic Treatment That Works!

I’ve had great success with homeopathic Chamomilla for colicky conditions in infants, but I’m excited about having another option. Research in Poland, Italy, Canada and Australia is showing that Lactobacillus reuteri helps, too. For the comfort of your child and your peace of mind, check out this article.


Holiday Meal Bloat–These May Help!

We hope that you enjoyed your Thanksgiving celebration with family, friends, and good food! With the holidays upon us, celebrating around the table can lead to over-eating and/or eating trigger foods that cause bloating. Remember portion sizes–choosing a smaller dinner plate (ie, the salad plate!) can help you get a […]

Digestion, Immune Health

Vitamin A Supports GI Immune Function

This is a great article explaining Vitamin A’s relationship with the immune system, in particular the GI tract (digestion). Be sure to include foods rich in Vitamin A (or its precursors):¬† liver, dark green leafy veggies, carrots, red cabbage, eggs, cod liver oil, etc. If you have a digestive disorder, […]