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bt Corn

OK–I was going to try and post only good news this month, but this is information we all need to know. Scientists are starting to discover why GMO corn is dangerous for us. Please read . . .


Exercise Your Jaw

I learned from a patient today about this great tool:  the Jawcerciser! It may be helpful for supporting overall jaw health (muscle strength and bones) and promotes saliva production, too. Check out these links: Jawcerciser video Jaw exercise article

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Gut Bugs and Crohn’s–Diversity of Healthy Bacteria May Be Key

It has been discovered that those suffering from Crohn’s tend to have less diversity in their gastro-intestinal flora (bacteria)–affectionately called “gut bugs”. This may cause a change in early treatment protocols which have included the use of antibiotics. Supporting healthy gut bugs with good quality probiotics as well as fermented […]

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Probiotics Reduce Colic

As a mother who had a very colicky infant, this is great news! Researchers have found that a Lactobacillus reuteri strain reduces the incidence of colic in infants. This further supports that appropriate GI flora (“gut bugs”) are crucial for our health, no matter what age!! Read more here. (Oh, […]


Natural Treatments for Reflux

If you suffer from reflux, please read the attached article and make an appointment to investigate options to medications. Often supporting digestion, supporting the digestive mucosa (esophagus and stomach), eliminating food intolerances, and even a simple exercise, may resolve your reflux condition!


Self-Treatments for Heartburn

I have many patients who complain of heartburn and find that most will respond to one of four treatments:  avoidance of food intolerances, improvement of digestion (chewing, stomach secretions, and/or pancreatic secretions), H. pylori treatment, or an exercise to resolve hiatal hernia syndrome. It is important to keep stomach acid […]