Heart Health

Heart Health

To Your Heart Health!

I’ve been using Boston Heart testing on patients who are at risk of heart disease–either due to their own medical conditions or family history or both. The test results can provide guidance for treatment plans and also help patients understand additional risks that may be at play. In addition, Boston […]

Heart Health, Women's Health

Women and Heart Disease

“The Guidelines May Kill You” Please read the attached article. Exciting is that more research is being conducted regarding cardiovascular health in women and more evaluation options are available. I’ve found Boston Heart is a great resource for my patients.

Heart Health

Bergamot to Replace Statins??

Well, the research is preliminary, but it looks promising: a bergamot orange extract may help people control their lipid levels. Also remember that lipid levels are not the only factor to be assessing when considering heart health. Inflammation may be a much more important factor. If you have elevated lipids […]