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Sleep Apnea and Cancer

While many diseases have been linked to sleep apnea, there is now evidence that severe sleep apnea may now also be associated with cancer risk.  Researchers seem to be relating this increased risk to lower oxygen.  This means that CPAP’s may offset the risk.  Signs and symptoms of sleep apnea […]

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Essential Fatty Acid Results

This article may get a little more technical than you’d like, but it is exciting proof of the benefits of including essential fatty acids–specifically omega-3 fatty acids–in your diet.  Include your cod liver oil and wild caught salmon in your diet!  Read article here.

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Cadmium Linked to Breast Cancer

So, what does THAT mean??  Cadmium is found in cigarette smoke as well as in certain cosmetics, batteries, and foods.  Research is revealing that cadmium may mimic estrogen and therefore becomes implicated in breast cancer.  Certainly, quitting smoking is advisable for a wide variety of health benefits.  But finding it […]