Heartburn?? You should check for H. pylori

H. pylori is a bacteria that has been linked to ulcers–both in the stomach and in the duodenum.  It commonly will cause heartburn (reflux or GERD) or just a chronic sore throat.  Most doctors rarely check for H. pylori in patients with GERD but instead simply prescribe antacids which mask the symptoms.  Indeed, the esophagus cannot handle acid leaking from the stomach, but let’s find the cause and correct it!  There is a simple breath test that some practitioners may use.  I find that this test affords many false negatives.  My favorite test for this is a stool analysis by Metametrix.  The importance of determining if H. pylori is present becomes even more obvious if you read the linked article–H. pylori is also associated with cancer, liver disease, nutrient deficiencies, high blood pressure, autoimmune disorders, diabetes, and more.  Please schedule an appointment to discuss evaluation and treatment options.

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