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Controversy over Vit. E and Selenium for Prostate Cancer prevention

Dr. Ingrid Pinchot has published a wonderful article summarizing how Vitamin E (as gamma-tocopherol) can be protective against prostate cancer.  She also goes on to report the flaws of the recent study which denies the benefits of selenium and Vitamin E (for example, the research used synthetic alpha-tocopherol despite research […]

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Increased evidence for links between alcohol and cancer

Use caution with alcohol consumption, including wine, for despite possible benefits on heart disease, there is increasing evidence linking alcohol with cancers.  This occurs with as few as 3 drinks per week.  This article summarizes recent findings and also explains serving sizes for different alcoholic beverages.  Increasingly, I suspect that […]

Cancer, General Health, Nutrition and Diet

Diet matters!!

There is a difference between our genes and our genetic expression.  For example, two recent articlessummarize results indicating that when people ate a healthy diet including lots of vegetables and fruits, they had NO INCREASED RISK of heart disease even though they carried a high-risk gene for heart disease.  Research […]