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Air Fresheners are Toxic

I cannot say this enough–so-called “air fresheners” are loaded with toxins that are associated with everything from asthma to endocrine disorders (infertility, thyroid, etc.). PLEASE DO NOT USE AIR FRESHENERS OR SCENTED CANDLES OR DRYER SHEETS. If you need to air out an odor–open a window. You may diffuse essential […]

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Winter Dry Skin Options

Such a common complaint in the winter is dry skin! But those over-the-counter lotions (yes, including “natural” ones) can be laden with dangerous chemicals. I make a salve with beeswax, coconut oil, olive oil, Vitamin E, Vitamin A, and my favorite lavender essential oil. If I run out before I […]

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Guess what–that so-called “safe” herbicide Round-up (by non-other than Monsanto) is now being found at elevated levels in breast milk. This flies in the face of Monsanto’s report that glycophosphates do not accumulate in the body and are therefore safe. It appears that these chemicals do indeed accumulate and therefore […]