Guess what–that so-called “safe” herbicide Round-up (by non-other than Monsanto) is now being found at elevated levels in breast milk. This flies in the face of Monsanto’s report that glycophosphates do not accumulate in the body and are therefore safe. It appears that these chemicals do indeed accumulate and therefore present potential health risks. How much glycophosphate herbicide is OK for our infants to drink? Hopefully researchers will determine that information soon. But in the meantime, please try limit your produce consumption to organic only–check out for the “dirty dozen” foods to help you budget your dollars and support your health. The good news–after 2 years of avoiding foods sprayed with glycophosphates (e.g., Round-Up) the levels of glycophosphate dropped to non-detectable. (Please note, too, that Round-Up has been deemed safe to use on our protected wetlands–write your senator, etc., and stop this travesty!). Read more here.

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