Author: Lori Brown

General Health, Immune Health

Covid-19 Vaccine

Not surprisingly, I get many questions about vaccination against Covid-19. There is a lot of concern due to the rapid development of them as well as how they work. There are many questions, too: do they work, what are the side effects, what are the long-term effects, do I really […]

Icy Berries

Weather Woes–Closed 02/15/21 due to ice!

We hope you enjoyed a safe and peaceful snowy weekend! We were hoping that the forecasted rain and warmer temperatures would allow us to safely open the office this morning (Monday, Feb 15, 2021), however, we awoke to ice! On my brief and slippery walk this morning, I could hear […]

Office Updates

Winter Weather Closure

Happy Friday, February 12th! Due to slick roads and the prediction of more ice to come, Dr. Brown is seeing patients via telemedicine only today. The physical office is closed. Terry is working remotely and will be monitoring the phones, returning calls as soon as possible. We apologize for any […]