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You’ve probably been hearing about this “new” craze of oil-pulling. It is actually an age-old technique used to improve oral health AND overall health. I’ve had many patients benefit from this technique. My recommendation is to start with only about 1 tsp of oil to reduce the potential for gagging. […]

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Evaluating Impact of Chemical Exposure

Cyrex Labs (a favorite of mine) has just introduced a new panel which helps identify environmental exposures which may be contributing to immune reactivity and autoimmune reactions (i.e., chronic diseases). Read more about it by clicking here. And schedule an appointment if you have chemical sensitivities, chronic fatigue or chronic […]

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Supporting Glutathione Levels

This may be good news for those who need glutathione support. Glutathione is a very important anti-oxidant–and there has been debate for years as to whether or not it can be absorbed by swallowing it as a supplement. Focus has been on alternative delivery methods (IV or transdermal, for example) […]

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Possible Link Between Farmed Salmon and Obesity

This article by Dr. Crinnion reports “clear links between environmental toxicants and diabetes and obesity, as well as the clear implication of the consumption of farmed salmon in these health problems”. It is an interesting and extensive article.  Bottom line is to include wild-caught salmon in your diet and avoid […]