Multiple Small Meals? Not So Good For Us . . .

Where do I start? This article has some great information–please check it out.

Also, for those trying to lose weight, these frequent small meals can end up being self-sabotage. Whenever we eat, we get an insulin release–higher with more carbohydrates, higher¬†with simple sugars. Insulin is designed to STORE energy as fat. We cannot lose weight with insulin is present. We should “fast” long enough between meals to switch to release of glucagon which draws from the “energy” that insulin has stored. If we keep eating throughout the day, we get little or no glucagon. SO, if we eat many small meals throughout the day,¬†weight loss becomes difficult or impossible. And we haven’t even mentioned leptin and ghrelin!

My recommendation for most adults (children may need healthful snacks between meals): Try eating 2 – 3 square meals daily. Focus mostly on healthy veggies and healthy fats (e.g., olive oil, avocado oil, coconut oil, nuts, etc.). Limit animal protein to only healthfully-raised meats/poultry/fish. Enjoy fruit but limit it, too. Fast 12 hours nightly. If you get any symptoms other than hunger, eat something healthy and see your doctor.

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