More on Nutritional Supplements . . .

Love this article which tries to cut to the chase on all the rhetoric out there regarding the use of supplements. Here’s a quote from Glen Sabin’s report:

Key Takeaways

• A balanced healthy diet should always provide the foundation of human nutrition.

• Dietary supplements can be helpful, harmful or just a plain waste of money, depending on product quality, usage and actual need.

• Before starting a dietary regimen that includes supplementation, consumers are best served by seeking guidance from a trained integrative, functional or naturopathic doctor and undergoing a proper assessment to determine actual nutritional need.

• Research designs originally created to test pharmaceutical agents in isolation are not always effective when studying the efficacy of dietary supplements.

• There are quality manufacturers doing terrific work, fringe companies selling inferior and/or tainted products and large retail chains selling synthetically derived nutritional products with limited bioavailability. Consumers need to be made aware of these differences and encouraged to take a closer look at options.”

Please read the entire article by clicking here. And take your APPROPRIATE and QUALITY supplements.

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