This is a long post so I’m starting with the good news and bottom line:  eat whole foods from local farmers; avoid grains; eat LOTS of veggies; include fruits and nuts.

Here’s the bad news:  In a new CDC report, breads have been found to be a larger source of added salt in the American diet than snacks such as potato chips and pretzels.  They go on to say that this is not necessarily because bread contains more salt (although it can), but that Americans are just eating a LOT of bread.

Poultry also made the list–but that is most likely because commercial poultry is injected with saline solution. In a quote from The Daily Green:  “. . . a single-ingredient chicken breast and a chicken breast with added solution both may be labeled as ‘chicken breast,’ even though one package contains purely chicken breast and one may be comprised of 60 percent chicken breast and 40 percent solution.”  I’ve included the link to The Daily Green article as well as links to an LATimes article and The Poultry Site.

Click for CDC report.

Click for The Daily Green report.

Click for LATimes article.

Click for The Poultry Site article.

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