Potential Risk of B6 and B12 supplementation

A recent report states that those supplementing with high dose B6 and B12 are at greater risk of fractures. We do not want to ignore the association, but there are a lot of questions regarding their research. They did have a large sample of 76,000 women and followed most over about 21 years. However, the study was limited to primarily white, middle-class nurses who were insured. The diets were reviewed only every 4 years. We don’t know what else they were supplementing. We don’t know other risk factors (e.g., radiation) that may contribute to increased fracture risk. We DO know that excessive replacement of Vitamin B6 is associated with numbness and tingling–and since it is popular for “energy”, it is easy to get way too much if someone is taking multiple supplements. I whole-heartedly agree with completing appropriate testing with the goal of reducing over-replacement. I use a couple different options for nutrient testing. Check with your provider or schedule an appointment to see what testing and supplementation may be right for you. To your health!

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