Diabetes Explosion in Children

The rates of both Type I and Type II diabetes are significantly increased in our children. While researchers are unclear as to the cause, general recommendations include the following:

o Exercise–we need to get moving and so do our children. This does not mean that they need to become uber-sports fiends, but that screen time is limited, outdoor time is increased, playing with friends is encouraged.

o Stop the sugar madness–offer fruits and veggies as snacks. Limit “sweets” to a once a week treat at most. As taste buds change, so will their cravings.

o Limit grains–they should be treated as a “treat” and NOT the foundation of the food pyramid. Vegetables and fruits should form the foundation, with healthy fats and proteins rounding it out. In addition, gluten sensitivity is implicated in diabetes.

o Limit dairy–dairy intolerances have also been linked to diabetes

o Ensure adequate water consumption

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