Diabetes as Inflammatory Disease

Today’s release from the AANP:

“MON., JAN. 6, 2014: JUST-RELEASED NATURAL HEALTH STUDY–MORE EVIDENCE THAT TYPE 2 DIABETES IS AN INFLAMMATORY DISEASE: Scientists have published new data that add further to growing evidence that type 2 diabetes is an inflammatory disease, and they now have a much better understanding of exactly how this increasingly common disease develops complications along inflammatory pathways. The study has found that in mice, a specific type of inflammatory immune cell called macrophages invades the diabetic pancreatic tissue during the early stages of the disease. Then, these inflammatory cells produce a large amount of pro-inflammatory proteins called cytokines, which directly contribute to the elimination of insulin-producing beta cells in the pancreas. Diabetes results from this inflammation-based destruction of insulin-producing cells. The study may provide novel insights allowing development of tailor-made, anti-inflammation-based therapies, reducing the burden of type 2 patients. It sheds light on how a key inflammatory cell is connected to disease and what might go wrong when someone has type 2 diabetes. This study was just published in the January 2014 issue of Journal of Leukocyte Biology and can now be read in full at http://tinyurl.com/prfun8k with subscription or fee.”

A link to gluten has also been implicated–please eliminate gluten from your diet, especially if you have a family history of diabetes.

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