Chronic Inflammation . . . Shorter Lifespan?

Via AANP via Canadian Medical Association Journal¬†– Chronic Inflammation Linked To Lower Chance Of Healthy Aging¬†– (Tuesday, September 17, 2013)–Chronic exposure to inflammation significantly reduces the chances of healthy aging, reports a new study. Levels of inflammation were measured by assessing levels of interleukin-6 over a five-year period. (Interleukin-6 is a marker of inflammation. Chronic inflammation has been linked to a variety of age-related diseases, such as diabetes, heart disease and cognitive decline. Diet, chronic disease, smoking and other factors can cause inflammation. However, studies on inflammation have generally looked at inflammation at only one point in time, while this study examined repeated occurrences of chronic inflammation.) Researchers analyzed data on 3044 persons aged 35 and adjusted for potentially confounding factors. If scientists found a high interleukin-6 level just two times over the 5-year study, those subjects were 47 percent less likely to be successfully aging at the 10-year follow-up point. They also had a 64 percent greater risk of future cardiovascular events and a 143 percent greater risk of death from non-cardiovascular causes.¬† This study was released September 16, 2013 ahead of publication in a future issue of the CMAJ, the Canadian Medical Association. The full version of the report can now be accessed online at without cost.

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