Exercise–for Long Life

AANP – Routine Exercise Results In Five Years Longer Lifespan¬†– (Wednesday,¬†December 12, 2012) –A study has concluded that adults who include at least 150 minutes of physical activity in their routines each week live significantly longer than those who do not. The researchers compared life expectancy at each age for adults who were classed according to three groups: inactive, somewhat-active, and active. The two active groups were defined as at least 150 minutes of moderate weekly activity. Non-Hispanic white men who were 20 years old and fell into these two groups lived an estimated 2.4 years longer than inactive men. Women at age 20 gained about 3 additional years if they fell into these two groups. The biggest benefit was seen in non-Hispanic black women, who gained up to 5.5 years of life. Non-Hispanics can expect to gain 2.3 to 5.6 hours of added lifespan for every single hour of moderate physical activity they accumulate during adulthood, and 5.2 to 11.3 hours of life for every single hour of vigorous physical activity. This study was released December 11, 2012 by the American Journal of Preventive Medicine, and will appear in an upcoming print issue. The full-text version is now available online at http://tinyurl.com/awwfkzu without cost.

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