More Addictive than Cocaine: Sugar and High Fructose Corn Syrup

Please read this article if you aren’t convinced of the dangers and addictive nature of sugar and high fructose corn syrup (or if you’re trying to convince a loved one of it!).  Please be aware that manufacturers are learning that an increasing number of people are avoiding high fructose corn syrup–so they’ve modified ingredients to include “high maltose corn syrup” and advertise that their product is “free of high fructose corn syrup”–don’t buy it (pun intended). Avoid the alcohol sugars, too (erythritol, maltilol, etc.).

I recall skimming some eclectic literature while in medical school while browsing for an interesting research paper topic. I picked up a book published in the late 1800’s and flipped it open. I started reading:  the author was ranting about how artificial sweetener was going to be the bane of human health. I flipped back to the copyright–yep, late 1800’s (sorry, I don’t remember the year now). I wondered what artificial sweetener was being used then.  The author was writing about CANE SUGAR!!

Ideally, consume whole foods only (as seen in nature). When desiring a treat, limit to honey-,date-, or stevia-sweetened products (including baking). Maple syrup is another option but honey, dates, and stevia are better. (and if you just must have sugar, suck on a stick of sugar cane–it tastes sweet, will give you a work out, and has some redeeming minerals).

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