Untreated Reflux (Heartburn) Increases Risk of Cancer

The esophagus is the “food tube” which carries food from our mouths to our stomachs.  There is a “door” (sphincter) which opens to allow food into the stomach and prevent acid from entering the esophagus.  Poor diet choices, being overweight, and H. pylori infection are among contributing factors to failure of this door.  Heartburn sensation typically results since the esophagus is not able to handle the high acid of the stomach.  Untreated reflux can cause changes in the esophageal tissue and ultimately may cause esophageal cancer.  This article includes recommendations to help reduce your risk of heartburn.  If you are on antacids long-term, you should contact your physician since they reduce your ability to digest food properly and can be associated with low B12 levels, too.

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