Ditch the Plastic Tea Bags–Try Loose Leaf Tea Instead!!

So researchers have found that “billions” of plastic micro-particles are released each time we brew a cup of tea using a plastic tea bag. That is right, BILLIONS not millions. I know that sounds discouraging, but there are a couple of easy remedies! You can still get tea in paper tea bags, whew! But also consider loose-leaf teas–you can either put them in a muslin tea bag, in a stainless-steel tea basket, in a stainless-steel tea ball, or, my new favorite, use a matcha tea straw! I love using my bamboo tea straw since all I have to do is pour hot water over my favorite loose tea, let it cool a bit, then sip it through my straw. Do be sure that your tea is not too hot or you may burn your lips (the same is true if you are sipping hot tea, of course). I’ve see stainless-steel versions of the tea straw, but prefer the bamboo since it does not get hot. Check them out! This is an easy way to reduce your plastic use and still enjoy delicious teas!!

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