Childhood Obesity on The Rise–There is Good News However!

The evidence is all around us–increasing obesity. Not only are adults becoming increasingly obese, but our children are as well. I’ve posted some recommended viewing and reading explaining some of the causes. Overwhelmingly, however, it is the choices we are making at the grocery store and at restaurants. We are told that our food is safe, even “healthy”, but the bottom line is that the food industry desires to make money, not provide health. THE GOOD NEWS is that healthy foods ARE offered in our groceries and we CAN choose them: fruits, vegetables, meats, fish, poultry, nuts and seeds. The challenge is that we are inundated with advertising for foods that are truly addictive–the transition to a whole food diet can be brutal. Check out And please surround yourself with a cheer-leading team for your healthy lifestyle (food habits and exercise)–we love being a part of this team!!

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