Eat Real Food

This has been my mantra to all who will listen (and some who don’t!)–eat real food. Base your diet on vegetables and fruits, and include some healthfully-raised animal meats. Organic as much as your budget permits–check out’s Dirty Dozen to help you with grocery-shopping decisions.

I’m quoting Medscape here:

” “When you tell people to lower saturated fat—protein typically stays the same, we get about 15% to 20% of our calories from protein—they inherently increase the consumption of unsaturated fats, particularly the omega-6 fats found in vegetable oils, and carbohydrates,” senior investigator Dr James DiNicolantonio (St Luke’s Mid America Heart Institute, Kansas City, MO) told heartwire . Such a substitution, he said, ends up doing more harm than good.

The bottom line, said DiNicolantonio, is that instead of arbitrarily focusing on limiting one macronutrient perceived to increase the risk of heart disease, individuals should simply “eat real food.” ”

Here is the link (but often it requires a password–to read the whole article, check out my Natural Family Medicine facebook page).

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