GMO Sugar Beet Battle–Support Oregon Farmers

I’m attaching an article that I read in The Columbian this morning–the link is to the same article posted in the Miami Herald (I ran out of time looking for a local online report).

The highlights:

  1. Most sugar beet production in the US is genetically modified. This means that weed killers can be sprayed directly onto the sugar beet plants without killing the sugar beet. Guess what–that means you’re eating not only genetically modified organisms, but the weed killer, too. (BTW–GMO stands for “genetically-modified organism” because they can no longer call it a plant!)
  2. Jackson County, OR, produces organic non-GMO sugar beets.
  3. Jackson County farmers don’t want GMO sugar beet production in Jackson County because of the very real potential for cross-contamination.
  4. Measure 15-119 goes up before voters in Jackson County, OR, in May.

Please do all you can to spread the word to thwart this measure and support your local organic farmers!!

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