Breathing . . . My Favorite Prescription!

It’s easy and “refills” are free! We spend so much of our day breathing shallowly. As a result, our lungs cannot operate at their full capacity of disposing of waste (e.g., carbon dioxide) and picking up oxygen. I often prescribed Deep Breathing–even an exercise as simple as breathing slowly in through your nose with your abdomen expanding (exaggerate this when you are first learning to breathe) and breathing out through your mouth with your abdomen getting smaller (again, exaggerate this at first) 100 times throughout your day can bring about huge changes in your health! The goal is to breathe like this all the time. It can reduce your blood pressure, reduce overall stress, improve mental clarity, and more. Give it a try (oh, and, by the way, you might need to exhale before you’ll be able to take a deep breath–because all that “stale air” from shallow breathing is still waiting for the light of day!). Read more here.

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