Pesticide Exposure Linked to Parkinson’s

Pesticides aren’t good for anyone. And don’t think that because a product claims it contains only a fraction of a percent of the actual pesticide that the other 99% is OK–those solvents are toxic, too. Try some safer approaches:

1. Boric acid around the perimeter of your house.

2. Citronella candles to repel mosquitoes.

3. Keep your moles–they eat larvae of yellow jackets, etc., and aerate your yard, too! (just step on the dirt mound–it goes right back down 🙂 ).

4. Ladybugs and Praying mantis are always hungry! And be careful, the larvae of ladybugs look like mini-dragons, but they’re even more voracious and should be saved!!

Share your ideas!  Let’s have healthy homes and lawns!!

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