Obesity Rates Rise With Fuel Consumption?

Here is research reported by the AANP which reveals that those who drive less than one mile to work have lower BMI’s. In addition, The Columbian included an article showing that as China becomes more affluent, they are trading in their bicycles for automobiles. They also have more fast food restaurants; obesity rates are rapidly escalating. Obesity rate in the USA still exceeds that in China.  Bottom line: we need to keep our bodies moving and eat whole foods.

AANP – Driving One Mile Less Per Day Reduces Body-Mass Index (BMI) – (Friday, December 28, 2012) –Scientists have found that, in addition to decreasing fuel consumption, reducing the distance one drives per day by just one mile has a direct lowering effect on BMI. (The BMI or body-mass index is a common measurement of the amount of fat on the body. Average BMI was 27.55 in 2010; anything above 24.5 is overweight and over 30 is considered obese. Gasoline consumption has increased in step with the obesity epidemic.) To see what impact small lifestyle changes might have on obesity levels, the team designed a statistical model to predict what would happen if people drove just one less mile per day, or consumed 100 fewer calories a day, the equivalent of one banana, or one small latte. The researchers found that driving an average of one less mile per day, decreased the BMI by 0.21 points after six years. And consuming 100 fewer calories a day lowered the BMI by 0.16 over three years. The study was published online by the journal Preventive Medicine and will appear in a future print issue. It is accessible online at http://tinyurl.com/cmoa6af with fee.

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