New Hope for Kidney Cancer Treatment

Research is revealing new hope for those suffering from renal cancer:

AANP – Bark Extract Attacks Renal Cancer Cells But Not Healthy Cells¬†¬†(Tuesday,¬†November 6, 2012) –A new study concludes that the compound englerin A, a relatively new renal cancer treatment extracted from the bark of the African plant phyllanthus englerin, kills tumor cells and has no adverse effects on normal kidney cells. The extract was found to affect only renal cancer cells and has no effect on health cells or on other types of cancer cells. (Englerin A is a compound previously reported to be a potent and selective inhibitor that prevents the growth of six human renal cancer cell lines while not affecting other cancer cell types. Successfully duplicating the extract in the lab enabled the current research by providing sufficient quantities for testing on cancer cells. Englerin A is not yet available to the public.) The next step will be to identify exactly how englerin A so specifically targets renal cancer cells and to improve its effectiveness. This will allow the researchers to move forward with the promise of making available a new treatment for renal cancer as an alternative to the significant side effects of other anti-renal-cancer drugs. This study was recently published in PLOS One and is now available in its full-text form at without charge.

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