Limit Red Meat, Please

Please understand the overall picture.  Recent research is confirming the link between red meat and both colon and bladder cancers.  They are finding that this is due to the proteins and iron found naturally in the meat.  I would love to see research regarding the difference, if any, between 100% grass-fed beef and the grain-fed cannibal beef sold in most grocery stores.  Regardless, we shouldn’t ignore the research.  My general diet recommendations remain:  1/2 of your plate should be vegetables (yes, even breakfast), 1/4 of your plate may be fruit (or more veggies), and 1/4 should be your proteins and fat. Note that there are no grains on this plate–use grains for a TREAT (not snacking).  All foods should be as naturally-raised as possible.  NO grain-fed cannibal cows and NO GMO-corn should be included!!

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