Toxoplasmosis gondii

So, you might start hearing that “organic, free-range meats offer greater risk of parasites” and I want to clarify this “news”.  First of all, the reports say “may” cause increased risk–this is based upon speculation since the animals aren’t confined.  There is no proof that this will occur and certainly doesn’t take into account the the animals are typically healthier when they eat their natural diet and get exercise.  But, for sake of argument, let’s say that the hype is correct–when food is cooked (to internal temperature of 150 – 165 depending upon the meat), Toxoplasmosis gondii is killed.  Keep in mind, too, that your cat’s litter box is likely a more common source of T. gondii contamination; and that those at greatest risk are the fetuses of pregnant mothers (this is a REAL risk) and the immunocompromised (caution is required with most infections).  Here’s a recent article.

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