Mosquito Repellent Options

With summer comes the fun of more outdoor activities, but also the pesky mosquitoes.  Not only do they cause itchy bites, they can carry illnesses and cause infections.  This article reviews a variety of options.  Some additional details include:

1.  IF you choose to use DEET, use products that contain less than or equal to 30% DEET and apply only according to label directions.  DEET is very effective but it is a POTENT neurotoxin–I recommend avoiding this one if possible.

2.  Pyrethrin-based sprays can be very effective when used on your clothing.  You can either soak your clothing in a dilute solution (which will supposedly last on your clothes for up to 20 washes) or spray your clothing.  Pyrethrins are naturally-derived from the chrysanthemum plant.

3.  Essential oils, particularly lemon eucalyptus and catnip, have been found to be potent mosquito repellents.

4.  Wear long-sleeves and pants–keep covered to avoid being bitten!

And what do you apply after that itchy bite?  My favorite is to apply a dab of peppermint oil–works most of the time and is also antimicrobial.  If peppermint oil doesn’t work, try “Grindelia Oak Soothe” by Wise Woman Herbals.  I’ve found that one of these two will always work!  Now, go and enjoy the great outdoors!!  🙂

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