Health benefits of naturally fed and raised meats

This site provides an excellent summary of the differences between naturally raised meats versus commercially raised meats.  There IS a difference.  When one starts to compare results of “The China Study” (which promotes vegetarianism over essentially a fast food diet–this should be obvious) versus information reported in “Primal Body, Primal Mind” (which promotes a paleo diet), it can start to get very confusing.  Certainly, if you are in a situation where naturally raised meats are not an option, a vegetarian diet may be preferable.  But if the option to include naturally raised meats in your diet is viable, they can provide healthful nutrition.  Keep in mind that our diets should be at least 50% vegetables with another 30% fruits and/or more vegetables (depending on your preference for veggies or fruit)!!  Set up an appointment to discuss the best options for your health!

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