Drug residues in meats may pose health risks.

Millions of pounds of drugs are used in raising livestock–officials are using more sensitive methods of determining drug residues which may be harmful to consumers.  Read more here.  Healthiest recommendation is to limit meat consumption to organic hormone-free, antibiotic-free, naturally fed, free-range sources.  The following is a list of some local farms that provide naturally raised livestock andlimit use of medications.  Contact them for specifics on how they are feeding and treating their livestock or to place an order.

  • Graf Century Farm:  503.695.5452
  • Dee Creek Farm:  360.225.9711
  • Bee-Rite Sales, LLC:  360.256.8650
  • Malinowski Farm:  503.297.9398

For wild game, Broken Arrow Ranch offers on-line sales:  www.brokenarrowranch.com

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