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How Do ND’s Approach Cardiovascular Disease??

February 2nd, 2018

This is a great overview of how naturopathic physicians assess and address cardiovascular disease, including referring to cardiologists when needed! There are many tests that help us assess underlying causes and determine helpful treatments. Check out this article:


Blueberries May Also Reduce the Risk of Cancer

January 23rd, 2018

Gotta love this news–a healthy and delicious food may help reduce risk of cancer and may even improve effectiveness of cancer treatments. They freeze well, too, so can be enjoyed year-round (although I do recommend eating seasonally).

Spicy Foods May Reduce Risk of Cancer?

January 23rd, 2018

This is great news for those of you who love spicy foods! Researchers are finding that capsacain seems to reduce risk of cancer and reduce risk of mortality. Check out this article–and do be careful to not overdue the chili powder either! 😉

Omega-3 Fatty Acids for Brain Health — And May Reduce Risk of Alzheimer’s

January 23rd, 2018

Research is starting to find favorable evidence that omega-3 fatty acids, particularly DHA and EPA, may actually reduce the risk of dementia and Alzheimer’s. Do be careful when selecting your supplement as many talk about the amount of “total” omega’s that they contain but have only small fractions of EPA and DHA. Nordic Naturals and Carlson are two good over-the-counter brands. To your health!!

A Colic Treatment That Works!

January 23rd, 2018

I’ve had great success with homeopathic Chamomilla for colicky conditions in infants, but I’m excited about having another option. Research in Poland, Italy, Canada and Australia is showing that Lactobacillus reuteri helps, too. For the comfort of your child and your peace of mind, check out this article.

Uplifting Ways to Embark on Your Healthy Eating Journey 

January 23rd, 2018

The beginning of a new year means that many people are looking to make resolutions on how they want to be better or live better. If one of your resolutions for 2018 is to start eating healthier, here are some helpful tips on how to do that.

Tip #1: Eat whole foods.
Eating whole foods is incredibly important to changing your lifestyle. That is, eat food that grows, not food that is processed and packaged. Whole foods contain helpful antioxidants, fiber, vitamins, and minerals that you won’t find in processed foods. In fact, processed foods often contain a lot of sugar and sodium, which can be detrimental to your health in the long run. Don’t fall into the trap that advertisers and marketers try to put consumers in, but instead remind yourself that eating fresh whole food is the key to living a healthier, active lifestyle. So, when you’re tempted to grab a bag of chips, grab something fresh and crunchy instead, like celery, apples, snap peas, or carrots!

Tip #2: Cut yourself some slack.
Changing your eating habits will take time, so cut yourself some slack and don’t beat yourself up if you slip up every so often and fall back into your old ways of eating. Lifestyle changes are hard and it’s okay to make mistakes along the way. The end goal is a healthier body and mind, and you can reach that goal if you just take things one step at a time.

Tip #3: Drink more water.
This is an easy to-do that we simply forget about sometimes during our busy days. But, drinking water means that your body stays hydrated and helps your body function properly, in addition to making sure you don’t overeat. Keep water at your desk during your hours spent at work, or while you’re out running errands, take a water bottle with you and hydrate throughout the day.

Tip #4: Have fun with it.
Once you start feeling more energized and you notice a difference in how you look and feel, you’ll likely feel more motivated to stay on track! Have fun with your new lifestyle change. Research new recipes that look fun to make and get creative with how you’re going to make this change in your life. Self-care is important and once you start noticing the positive effects of eating well, you’ll want to continue to live well and have fun!

Your eating habits really do matter! Changing how you eat can transform your life and help you live a longer, healthier life.

Why ND’s Spend More Time with Their Patients

January 23rd, 2018

So, you might have noticed that your appointments with a naturopathic physician (ND) are much longer than those with many allopathic providers (MD, DO, PA, NP). Our goal is to treat the whole person by teasing out the underlying cause of the health complaint. This article does a nice job explaining!  To your health!!

Dangers of Mattresses

January 8th, 2018

Shopping for mattresses can be daunting–they are expensive, there are many options, AND they can be TOXIC. has posted this article on crib mattress studies showing not only VOC’s which are dangerous, but fragrances and more. You can bet these studies would likely apply to other mattresses, too. I can recommend cotton or natural latex mattresses. If you are lucky enough to live in the Portland, OR/Vancouver, WA area, we have a couple of options: Mulligan Mattress and Cotton Cloud Natural Beds. I recently purchased a natural latex mattress and am thrilled!! Very comfortable, no chemical odors, sleeping better–Hurrah!! I even bought a natural latex pillow which I also recommend. Please read the article and check out these mattress options. To your health!

Dietary Fat Guidelines Not Supported

January 2nd, 2018

This study indicates that the US dietary guidelines for fat consumption and reduced risk of heart disease are NOT supported. To quote the British Journal of Sports Medicine:

“Results Across 7 studies, involving 89 801 participants (94% male), there were 2024 deaths from CHD during the mean follow-up of 11.9±5.6 years. The death rate from CHD was 2.25%. Eight data sets were suitable for inclusion in meta-analysis; all excluded participants with previous heart disease. Risk ratios (RRs) from meta-analysis were not statistically significant for CHD deaths and total or saturated fat consumption. The RR from meta-analysis for total fat intake and CHD deaths was 1.04 (95% CI 0.98 to 1.10). The RR from meta-analysis for saturated fat intake and CHD deaths was 1.08 (95% CI 0.94 to 1.25).

Conclusions Epidemiological evidence to date found no significant difference in CHD mortality and total fat or saturated fat intake and thus does not support the present dietary fat guidelines. The evidence per se lacks generalisability for population-wide guidelines.”  Br J Sports Med. 2017;51(24):1743-1749.

Here are a couple of links to learn more: PubMed and Medscape .

So PLEASE eat healthy fats and avoid trans-fats and processed fats. Limit cooking to avocado oil or coconut oil. Use olive oil only after cooking or on salads, etc., but do NOT heat olive oil. Butter from 100% grass-fed cows is also a healthy source.

To your health!!

We’ll Be Closing for Christmas

December 21st, 2017

We just want to make sure that everyone knows that we will be closed from 12/23/17 through 01/01/18. Please stock up on any refill supplements you may need before 12:30 on Friday 12/22/17. We wish you a very Merry Christmas and Happy, Healthy 2018!!!

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