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Too Much Milk

October 31st, 2016

Yes, there is such a thing as too much milk Ā for our children and for adults. In fact, many children have increased risk of eczema and ear infections due to dairy consumption. While dairy is a good source of calcium and vitamin D, I recommend trying yogurt or kefir, if dairy is tolerated. And keep those dark leafy greens included in meals. Sardines are another good source of both calcium and vitamin D. Nutrient variety is important! šŸ™‚

Cancer Prevention with Low Glycemic Diet?

October 11th, 2016

So that Paleo diet may also reduce your risk of lung cancer. Research has shown an increased risk of lung cancer with high glycemic index diets. What does that mean? Avoiding sugars and grains may reduce your risk of cancer. A Paleo diet is based upon vegetables, lean meats, fruit and nuts–naturally lower glycemic index than the Standard American Diet (called SAD for a reason!). Schedule an appointment to see what dietary changes may help you–to your health and longevity!

Some Healthy Fats to Include . . .

October 11th, 2016

Fats have been villified for years now but the recent release of OLD reports reveals that sugars and refined carbohydrates are greater risk factors to our overall health. So, healthy fats are now exonerated–include nuts, seeds, olive oil, and avocados in your diet (avoiding, of course, anything that you are intolerant or allergic to). Check out this article. To your health!!

Paleo May Be Even Better Than Mediterranean

October 11th, 2016

The article summarizes findings comparing the popularĀ Mediterranean diet to the increasingly popular Paleo (or pre-agrarian) diet. The findings suggest improved weight loss and especially improved reduction of waistlines. And those in the study ate until they were full. Schedule an appointment to see if the diet is right for you, and for clarity amongst all the internet hype!

Industry and Research

September 23rd, 2016

So, you’ve probably seen a lot lately in the news about the sugar industries “skewing” of research results–just remember that other industries are just as connected to research. Check out this article. AND keep in mind that we have wonderful food available in our groceries: vegetables, fruit, meat, fish, poultry. Enjoy your healthy diet!!!

How The Impact of Sugar Has Been Down-Played

September 14th, 2016

Sugar is associated with cancer, diabetes, heart disease, inflammation, and more. One of my favorite recollections was in medical school when I was scanning the nutrition shelves. I flipped open an OLDĀ nutrition book (from late 1800’s)–the author was emphatically warning of the health consequences of “artificial sweeteners”. I rechecked the publication date, scratched my head, and read on, wondering what “artificial sweetener” this could be. It was CANE SUGAR!!Ā Please read the attached article and watch the Fed-Up movie.

Healthy Foods for Liver Support

August 30th, 2016

All I can add is “Ditto!”. Check out this article šŸ™‚

Acid-Alkaline Questions

August 23rd, 2016

There is so much advertising out there about the benefits of alkalinizing our bodies. This article succinctly addresses the facts about such claims. Yes, eat a diet rich in fruits and vegetables and limit protein to appropriate levels (0.8 – 2 g per kg of body weight, depending on your activity level). But the rest of the claims . . . .

Foods For Brain Fog

August 23rd, 2016

Here is an article that explains some foods that are good to combat brain fog. I would recommend caution with the grains and legumes (beans). In addition, I recommend good probiotic foods such as kombucha, kefir, kimchi, etc. Delish and great for us, too!!

More Motivation to Support Healthy Insulin Levels!

July 27th, 2016

You’d probably already heard the new buzz-term for Alzheimer’s: Ā Diabetes of the Brain. There is evidence that elevated insulin (think Type 2 Diabetes and insulin resistance) is a factor in the development of Alzheimer’s. Talk about a compelling reason to make those diet, exercise and lifestyle changes! Please reduce grain intake, avoid sugar, include lots of veggies and greens, some colorful fruits, and healthfully-raised meats; and get that exercise in! There are also helpful supplements, and even medications, if needed. But no pill canĀ take the place of a healthy diet and lifestyle. Check out this article. To your brain AND overall health!

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