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Archive Category: Immune Health

Immune Stress

December 31st, 2015

Stress occurs in the form of physical, mental, emotional and spiritual arenas. Consuming inflammatory foods, getting insufficient sleep, lack of exercise, over-exercising, nutrient deficiencies, and more cause stress. Stress can adversely effect our immune function leaving us at increased risk of illness. Symptoms can include fatigue, frequent or recurrent illnesses, insomnia, depression, anxiety, joint and/or muscle pain, and more. Please consult your ND for assessment and treatment. Read more here.

The Healing Benefits of Gelatin

November 3rd, 2015

I commonly recommend including bone broths in the diet. They help support your immune system and contain many benefit nutrients–among them, collagen. Powdered hydrolyzed collagen gelatin is another option to support your body. Read more here (the author includes a recipe for pumpkin pudding that looks delicious!).

Reasons to Skip Soda

September 17th, 2015

Just in case you aren’t yet convinced to give up your soda habit–check out this article. And quit drinking sodas even if you’re not convinced! 🙂

Vitamin A Supports GI Immune Function

July 14th, 2015

This is a great article explaining Vitamin A’s relationship with the immune system, in particular the GI tract (digestion). Be sure to include foods rich in Vitamin A (or its precursors):  liver, dark green leafy veggies, carrots, red cabbage, eggs, cod liver oil, etc. If you have a digestive disorder, you may want to have your Vitamin A levels checked. Use caution with supplementation as Vitamin A toxicity can occur–check with your doctor or give us a call.

Reduce Risk of Auto-Immune Disease?

April 3rd, 2015

Some practical tips for reducing your risk of auto-immune disorders. I would say that new evidence is that iodine is important but must be balanced with appropriate selenium–check with your doctor.

Shiitake mushrooms–Beautiful, Delicious and Good for you!

December 15th, 2014

I saw some beautiful shiitake mushrooms this week at New Seasons. Please include them in your diet for immune support and nutrition. Read more here.

Health Benefits of Lemons!

October 7th, 2014

Delicious and good for us, too. Lemons are a great source of vitamin C and bioflavonoids that help boost our immune system and reduce inflammation. So squeeze some lemon juice into your water or salad. To your health!!

Sleep and Immune Function

April 22nd, 2014

Quality sleep is critical to our immune function–this probably doesn’t seem like rocket science, but always nice when research supports our experiences and/or common sense. Read more here–and do all you can to get sufficient sleep! There is no substitute for a good night’s sleep.

Rheumatoid Arthritis Treatment

April 17th, 2014

I’ve just read about this plant, Triptergium wilfordii, for use in rheumatoid arthritis. It supposedly works as well as methotrexate without the side effects. If you suffer from rheumatoid arthritis, please ask your doctor if this might be worth a trial for you. Read more here.

Honey May Be Key to Reducing Antibiotic Resistance

March 20th, 2014

Scientists are realizing that honey may contains keys to reducing the effects of antibiotic-resistant bacteria. This may be good news on many levels–to protect our bees as well as our health! Read more here.

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